My Time My Dream

My Time Made Easy™ LLC is here to provide you with the basics for creating your own handmade cards, tags, and gift packaging in no time. It is fun, affordable, and we made it easier than ever! It really is all about the TOTAL package. We offer top quality photopolymer (clear) stamps, coordinating digital papers, and easy to assemble templates. Now you can afford to create and dress up the simplest of gifts on your own, and make them appear to be that much more special. Nothing says love like something handmade.

My name is Lauren Meader and I am the creator of My Time Made Easy™ LLC. I am just like you! Whether you are a business woman, stay at home mom, a working mom, or everyone in between, we all have the same things in common! Our free TIME (and often expendable income) is limited! Our daily lives are busy, and full of responsibilities. I have family to care for, a house to clean, meals to cook and that is just the first of many hats I need to wear daily. It can be hard to find "me" time. Many of us have so little time for ourselves these days, that we need to really maximize the time we do get to use, and make the most of it! That is where My Time Made Easy™ LLC comes in!

This entire venture started with a simple goal: Sharing what I love with the world!! I began papercrafting in 2004, while pregnant with my third child. I needed something for "me". Once I inked up that first stamp I fell in LOVE! It has gone from a hobby to a passion. I never would have thought after purchasing my ONE stamp, that it would lead me to where I am today! I felt like I found my niche in the world. I enjoyed being able to create my own cards to match my gifts, or the occasion I was giving them for. Better yet, everyone really enjoyed receiving them! I found a papercrafting community online, and began sharing my creations there. What a thrill to inspire and be inspired by others in the world who shared my passion. I introduced myself to the papercrafting community as "my time". That is exactly what papercrafting was to me! Something that was all MINE! I wasn't a wife, a mom, a nurse, the maid, a cook, taxi driver....or any of the other "hats" I wore daily. It was something I did solely for myself. My sanity. In return, others did benefit, knowing I took the time to create something just for them. It also helped me get through tough days. An outlet of sorts.

I quickly dove into trying my hand at creating gift boxes and bags to match my cards, and present my gifts in. I realized I could dress up the most inexpensive gifts with fancy packaging! A great resource for a one income family! If you think about it, it is the trick of the trade for the marketing industry when selling you their own products!

Through sharing my passion I was fortunate to work for numerous, amazing stamp companies, where I would create cards and gift items using their images. I was in heaven. As time passed I continued sharing what I love with everyone online. One day my love for creating gift packaging was recognized by Papertrey Ink. This was a company I was creating for at the time. In October 2008 I was able to produce a line of printable templates through their company called My Timeless Templates ©.

This was a true dream come true for me. Now all the boxes and items I created could be recreated, easily by others! No more measuring or step by step instructions for people to try to follow! Just print, cut, score and assemble! This meant even the NEWEST papercrafter could easily make their own gifts, using the My Timeless Templates ©

Over time, my dreams expanded and it was time move on, so I could pursue my ultimate dream ! That dream was having my own store for all my template creations, with coordinating stamps and papers! I wanted to continue my passion for sharing what I love with the world, and make it easy and affordable!

My Time Made Easy™ LLC was born. Thank you for allowing me to share my dream and passion for papercrafting with the world!

My Family

As I approached my 30's I knew this was the time to finally make my dreams a reality! I formerly worked as a nurse in a sub acute unit as well as various other areas ,for 7 years. I am proud to say that now my first job is as a stay at home mom to three amazing (and busy) children. I love that I am able to be home with my children, and also balance what I love too. My children are my entire world! The reason I do anything.

I am married to an amazing man, named Jason. He is my soul mate, my best friend, my rock. He has always been there for me, encouraged me, and supported me in every step of our lives together. Even when he thinks I'm crazy! I love him for that! We have been through so many obstacles in our lives, and he has always stood strong next to me. Jason is the type of person I aspire to be. I am so thankful that God blessed my life with him. He is an amazing husband and father. I could not have dreamed up a better person to spend my life with. He loves me and accepts me for who I am, and has never tried to change me. You cannot ask for more than someone to love you like that!

My oldest daughter Alexa is from a previous marriage. While expecting her, I learned she had Down Syndrome. She has had many health obstacles, including a Leukemia diagnosis in February 2006. She has been in remission since May 2008, and we are so grateful for every day! She has taught me so much about life, what really matters, and how to see the world in a different way. You can read more about Alexa's Story HERE

My middle child is named Noah. He is an amazing boy, full of energy, and just like dad! He is a fabulous "big" brother as he watches over both his sisters, acting as an additional parent! He is very loving, caring, sensitive and protective of his family. I love that he is always encouraging me and endlessly requesting special gifts and cards for all his friends and teachers!

Then we have my baby, Amber. She is very "old" for her age, and very independent. She is a mini version of me. She is the child who most loves to papercraft right along with me. She helps me see things through new eyes, and often offers suggestions for what I should or shouldn't add to my projects, like MORE GLITTER!!

I feel eternally blessed to have such an amazing family and support system!! I could not ask for more than their health, love and happiness. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about what is the driving force behind me :D